A Reputation for Excellence

Since 1967, ACL Laboratories has been providing industrial hygiene, environmental testing and occupational surveillance monitoring specific to your industry. For more information, or to download and print the Industrial Toxicology brochure, click here.

Focus on Quality

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  • Since 1980, achieved a perfect record of performance in the CAP/CDC blood lead analysis proficiency survey
  • Accredited in Industrial Hygiene with the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Accreditation Program, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC) for over 40 years
  • Included on OSHA’s List of Approved Laboratories for Blood Lead Testing
  • Certified with the College of American Pathologists (CAP)

Test Analysis


  • Optical Emission Spectroscopy
  • Provide versatility to analyze multiple elements at once
  • Achieve accuracy, quicker turn-around times and low reporting limits
  • Meets OSHA, EPA and HUD regulatory requirements

Clinical/Occupational Surveillance

  • Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Use a small sample size and obtain a higher sensitivity
  • Utilize the Piomelli Extraction method (reference standard by the CDC) for Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP)/Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZP) analysis
  • Report all blood lead values to employee’s state of residence as required by the Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance (ABLES) program

Industrial Toxicology Staff

  • Registered Medical Technologists
  • Specially trained in industrial toxicology testing
  • Provide consultation regarding test result interpretation
  • Assist with inquiries regarding laboratory testing required by regulatory agencies
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ACL Laboratories provides a variety of industrial hygiene, environmental testing and occupational surveillance monitoring specific to your industry.

Industrial Hygiene

Analysis of Personal and Area Filter Samples

  • Help companies monitor employee exposure
  • Meet OSHA Lead Standards for General Industry (29 CFR 1910.1025) and Construction
    (29 CFS 1926.62)


Lead on High Volume Air Filter Testing

  • Help companies validate air emissions
  • Meet EPA National Ambient Air Quality Standard mandated by the Clean Air Act

Lead on Wipes

  • High concentration areas: tables, lockers, uniforms, hands and vending machines
  • Meet HUD guidelines and regulations

Lead in Paint and Soil

  • Meet HUD and EPA guidelines and regulations

Clinical/Occupational Surveillance

Blood Lead

  • Mandated by OSHA beginning in 1978 for lead exposed workers
  • Free Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin (FEP), also known as Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZP)

Biological and Clinical Testing

  • Cadmium OSHA panels
  • Heavy Metal Occupational blood and urine panels
  • Semi-annual physical testing
  • CBC with smear review
  • Renal Panel – Serum Bun/Creatinine

A separate interpretation sheet that includes the action level requirements by the regulatory agencies is provided with every laboratory test report.

To learn more about an agency’s regulations and requirements, visit their website: CDC/NIOSH (https://www.cdc.gov/niosh); EPA (https://www.epa.gov/regulatory-information-topic); OSHA (https://www.osha.gov); and HUD (https://www.hud.gov).

ACL Difference

The ACL Difference

  • ACL has a client service department comprised of registered medical technologists to assist with technical information regarding the tests provided.
  • ACL offers a variety of methods to order and report tests such as TESTdirect ® (Web-based), telecommunication (remote printer or fax), courier, encrypted e-mail or other carriers.