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Test Bulletins & Important Announcements

04-16-2014 : Important Announcements | Test Bulletin

April 2014 Test Bulletin

April Test Bulletin Highlights: • New method for Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP) • Lavender Tubes-Reminder to clients to draw two lavender tubes when ...View full report...

04-16-2014 : Important Announcements | Test Bulletin

March 2014 Test Bulletin

March Test Bulletin Highlights: • Modification of Reporting values for HIV RNA Quantitative (HIVQTM) and HBV Quantitative (HBVQTM) • No longer are ...View full report...

01-22-2014 : Important Announcements | Test Bulletin

January February 2014 Test Bulletin

New test for Fragile X Diagnosis, (FRAGXR) Recommended by ACMG and ACOG for diagnostic and carrier screening. Test code change ...View full report...

12-18-2013 : Important Announcements | Test Bulletin

November/December Test Bulletin

4th Quarter Compliance/Reimbursement Topics Respiratory Viral Panel (Test Code RVPNL) Urine pH by pH Meter Method (Test Code PHM ...View full report...

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