Lab Visit Tips

We want your lab test or visit to any of our Patient Service Centers to be as convenient and comfortable as possible. Below are some helpful tips and useful reminders to consider before and after your visit.

Pre-blood draw

  • Please arrive at the service center with a completed test requisition from your doctor.
  • Have your insurance card available.
  • If you are having a glucose tolerance test, please call for an appointment.
  • Please notify the phlebotomist or office staff if you have latex allergies.
  • Our service centers are not staffed to watch children. We require that children accompanying adult patients be supervised at all times. Since this is a medical facility that contains biohazardous materials, ACL reserves the right to limit access to the collection area to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Do I need to fast before having my specimen collected at a Service Center?

Some blood tests require fasting prior to having your blood drawn. Please contact your health care provider to determine requirements for your specific testing.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my specimen collected at a Service Center?

Many service centers have moved to appointments required or recommended. Please navigate to the ACL Patient Service Centers page to find your location and the appropriate scheduling information for that location.

Post-blood draw, help prevent bruising

  • Apply pressure to the puncture site for a few minutes.
  • Keep the bandage or gauze on the puncture site for several hours after the blood collection.
  • Do not perform heavy lifting or exercise with the arm that the sample was collected from for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Please follow any additional directions that the phlebotomist gives you.
  • Please be aware that after a blood collection, some discoloration of the skin is normal. This discoloration will fade after several days.

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